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In the interest of the website visitors, I want to make sure that no false facts are included on my website.

For this I have contacted some well-known experts, including the internationally renowned scientist Ernst Ulrich von Weizsäcker, and included their objections, suggestions and corrections in the present text.

The website was born out of the question of what kind of a world my little granddaughter will meet when she grows up.

I worked in basic biological and medical research and then in the waste and waste water industry.

Today I am retired and involved as a volunteer in the social sector and in environmental protection. 

Zurich, July 2018 

Ulrich Brunner
Biologist Dr.

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I am pleased to have suggestions or criticism of this website as well.

City of Zurich
Out of 100 world cities analysed in the Sustainable Cities Index 2018, Zurich is ranked in 6th place.