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Biovision - Food security and organic farming

Climate Outreach - Climate change communicators, bridging the gap between research and practice.

co2online - Shows how each individual can save energy and reduce his carbon footprint.

Competence Centre Environment and Sustainability - Integration of the principles of sustainable development into politics.

Corona sustainability Compas - A Science Blog by Umweltbundesamt, Future Earth, International Science Council and Foundation 2°.  

Ecologic Institute - Science and research for a sustainable world.

Economy for the Common Good - An economic model for the future

Ecospeed - A world's leading provider of web-based software solutions for energy and climate accounting.

European Environment Agency - The European Environment Agency is an agency of the European Union, whose task is to provide sound, independent information on the environment..

Fair unterwegs - Information on social, cultural, environmental and economic effects of tourism.

Federal Ministry of Education and Research Germany. Research for sustainable development.

Federal Office for the Environment - Switzerland.

FIBL - FIBL is one of the world's leading research institutions for organic farming.

German Council for Sustainable Development - Advising the Federal Government of Germany on the implementation of the sustainability strategy.  The sustainable Shopping Basket.

Global Optimism - Global Optimism exists to precipitate transformational sector-wide change. Achieving a zero emissions future is not a far-off challenge. - has been tracking inequality-related news and views for nearly two decades.

Institute for European Environmental Policy - IEEP is a sustainable think tank.

IPCC Intergovernmental panel on climate change - International body for assessing the science related to climate change.

Klimallianz Deutschland - Alliance for climate protection, supported by more than 100 organizations.

Klima Allianz Schweiz - A union of 70 organizations for climate protection.

MYBLUEPLANET - Shows what each individual can do for our climate. Tips for everyday life.

myclimate - Consulting, education and climate protection projects.

Oeschger Centre for Climate Change Research - Research on the impact of climate change on people and ecosystems.

Öko-Institut e.V. - Institute of Applied Ecology.

Project Drawdown - To reach Drawdown, we must work on all aspects of the climate equation.

Reset Digital for Good - Reset is all about digital-social and green innovations for sustainable development.

Resilience - Aims to support building community resilience in a world of multiple emerging challenges.

Spatialworlds - Links to ecological footprints.

Stockholm Resilience Center - Engagement in science-policy-practice.

Sustainability Research Initiative - Swiss Academy of Sciences. The Sustainability Research Initiative aims to promote research for sustainable development and the Agenda 2030.

Sustainable Economy - National Research Programme, Switzerland.

Swiss Biodiversity Forum - Competence Centre for Biodiversity.

Umweltbundesamt - Federal Environment Agency Germany.

United Nations - Sustainable Development - 17 Goals to transform our world.

United Nations - Environment - Leading global environmental authority that sets the global environmental agenda.

Wandelwerk - Combining psychology and environmental protection. 

Wayfinder - A resilience guide for navigating towards sustainable futures.

Wissenschaftsplattform Nachhaltigkeit 2030The Science Platform Sustainability 2030 provides a central forum for science to engage with representatives from politics, business, and society on urgent issues pertaining to sustainability policy.

World Future Council - Voice of future generations.

Wuppertal Institut Explores and develops guiding principles, strategies and tools for transitions to a sustainable development.

WWF - World Wildlife Fund.

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