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Ulrich Brunner
Biologist Dr.

The website was born out of the question of what kind of a world my three little grandchildren will meet when they grow up.

My aim is to give an easy-to-understand overview of the complex topic of sustainability.

The website is close to my heart. Environmental protection and sustainable development became the common thread running through my life and are still driving me.

I used to work in basic biological research and then in the recycling and wastewater industry. 

Today, I am retired, involved in the social sector and rely on the power of citizen movements for our world of tomorrow.

Website Feedback

«...Congratulations and many thanks for the initiative of creating this website. It might look incredible for you but after an extensive search through the web your summary is the best I found in the web...»
Vítor V. 

«...You describe all the important contexts of sustainability and get to the heart of the matter in an understandable and concise way. We urgently need this kind of communication to bring people closer to the complex topic of sustainability...»
Susanne R. (Translated from German)

«...During my research, I came across your website. I will deal extensively with the various contents in the next few days and try to sensitize my students to it. Thank you very much for your efforts and for publishing this website...» 
Barbara S. (Translated from German)

«...Thanks for your impressive website. Well built, well-illustrated and both touching and confronting content. I fully agree on your message...»
Peter E.